Caren Garfen

Caren Garfen


Caren is interested in women’s issues and interprets these with intensive research which is translated into one-off art pieces. She combines silkscreen printing with meticulous hand stitched text and motifs.

Caren’s main interest is in women’s roles in the 21st century and these are illuminated by intensive research into subjects such as Women and Housework, Women in Advertisements and Women and Work. She translates her concepts with hand drawn silkscreen printed images, hand stitched motifs and text incorporating her trademark labels which add a touch of humour to serious issues. Finished pieces may be recognisable as domestic objects such as window blinds, tea towels, tea cosies or bedcovers which emphasise the ideas behind each artwork. Her most recent commission.

How many times do I have to repeat myself was created for the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, for Quilts 1700-2010. Caren also produces limited edition or one-off art pieces which are for sale.

SHE WAS COOKING SOMETHING UP | kitchen installation Silk-screen printing, hand-stitch; 240cm high x 550cm long x 40cm wide
GUILT BICUITS | Hand-stitch, shortcake biscuits, silk threads

London, England

Greater London


Workshops: No
Talks: No
Commissions: Yes