Isobel Currie

Isobel Currie


Isobel’s aim is to celebrate the three-dimensional beauty of pure stitch. She creates spaces in which to explore the structural and sculptural potential of embroidery stitches. The three-dimensional form of the stitch determines the design of the finished piece.

Since graduating with an embroidery degree from Manchester Polytechnic in 1990, I have continued my interest in the structural and sculptural potential of embroidery stitches and techniques. I create sculptural embroideries which explore the three-dimensional beauty of pure stitch and the unique interaction that stitch has with fabric; the journey that the thread makes through the supporting medium. My inspiration begins with the selection of an embroidery stitch or technique, which is then opened out in all directions to reveal its shape and form. This analysis generates ideas about the theme and structure of the finished piece. Each piece is closely planned before stitching starts, however, the rendering of the design into three dimensions sometimes produces unexpected forms as shapes are created from the build-up of thread lines.

The use of transparent and translucent supporting materials allows the journey of the threads to be viewed from different angles, revealing the three-dimensional shape of the stitches, and creating continually changing perspectives. I work on a small scale creating a sense of precious miniaturisation and fragility, using traditional stitches, but in an innovative and modern way.

POINT DE SORRENTO SHOAL (detail) | Acrylic, rayon, glass beads; 29cm x 15cm x 13cm
FLY STITCH SAND RIPPLES (detail) | Acrylic, cotton, organza; 25cm x 10cm x 25cm

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