Jan Beaney

Jan Beaney


Jan is the longest serving member of the 62 Group having joined in 1963 and since given honorary membership. She has written many books, teaches and exhibits in the UK and many countries overseas. In 1997, she and Jean Littlejohn set up Double Trouble to promote further interest in embroidery.

Landscape in all it forms has fascinated Jan for several decades. Fleeting changes of light and subtle nuances continually intrigue and challenge her to create work where elements have been simplified or exaggerated whilst still retaining it entity.

For the last few years, local fields have stimulated a series of work called Five Minutes from Home. These pieces reflect the changes of time of day, weather and seasons. Australia, especially the Red Centre and Lake Mungo, has fuelled her passion for colour. Contrasting features of brilliant hues, heat and space alongside dark rich colours, as well as intimate and mysterious aspects have been totally absorbing.

Over a period of time, various Greek islands have inspired work. The colour palette and textural surfaces are exciting and presenting these particular qualities continue to test Jan. Her aim is to create a simple image which capture the essence of the place along with accumulated memories and emotions experienced at a particular time. Most of her recent work has been created using hand and machine stitching on soluble film to create a new cloth. In some instances this is further developed with more stitching, beading or the use of an embellishing machine to integrate certain aspects of the piece.

SKALA ERESSOS: EARLY EVENING | Evening Hand and machine stitching on soluble film to create a new cloth; 51cm x 76cm.

Maidenhead, England



Workshops: Yes
Talks: Yes
Commissions: No