Jane McKeating

Jane McKeating


Jane’s current work takes the form of small tactile rag books. Presented as visual narratives they utilise print, hand stitch and cloth to illustrate snapshots of the past present and future.

Jane grew up in Nottingham with a passion for drawing anything and everything; drawing now feeds naturally through to cloth in print and stitch and often feeds back to drawing again. Studying at Goldsmith College gave Jane a chance to develop textile skills, which were furthered during MA study at the then Manchester Polytechnic (now MMU). She has spent the last 25 years making embroidered textiles, focusing initially on Machine stitch and more recently predominantly on hand stitch. As a full-time Director of Studies in the Design Department at Manchester Metropolitan University she finds hand stitch to be ideal in its portability, producing work on the daily commute on the train, or even discretely in meetings. Regular drawing still forms the basis for her deliberately illustrative images. Playing with time, going backwards and forwards reproducing old images in new ways and creating highly decorative surfaces using pattern to explore repeat in daily, weekly and annual ritual.

Having spent 20 years making work for walls Jane has more recently developed her textiles into a series of rag books, which she feels have a more tactile emphasis. The turning of the pages and the hand scale, have become important to the communication of her narratives.

Jane has recently published ‘Machine Stitch Perspectives’ jointly with Alice kettle and together they have just completed the companion volume ‘Hand Stitch perspectives’ due to be published by Bloomsbury in 2012.

TRANSITION (page) | Hand stitch on digitally printed linen; 30cm x 30cm. Photo: Mary Stark
WHILE I WAS GONE (cover) | Hand stitch on digitally printed linen; 48cm x 22cm. Photo: Mary Stark

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