Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor

Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor


Joanna’s printed textile practice embraces site-specific architectural commissions, to one-off works and domestic linens, where themes originate in memory, home and the commonplace. Joanna’s work has been widely exhibited and published; she is also the author of Dyeing and Screen-Printing on Textiles published by A&C Black.

Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor is a printed textile artist and designer, and works from her studio in Glasgow. Her practice embraces architectural commissions – public and domestic – to one-off works for galleries; she also produces three ranges of domestic linens that take inspiration from a culinary theme. Through dyeing and screen-printing and experimenting with scale and repetition, she creates visual rhythms, evoking a sense of recognition and capturing a particular moment, atmosphere or environment.

Joanna has carried out commissions for a variety of spaces – these include a castle; crematorium chapel; hospital atrium, admissions reception and dining room; theatre; office complex on a Science & Technology Park, and on a quayside. She has also developed designs that can integrate into functioning parts of an interior environment, such as Formica and glass, as well as soft furnishings that form part of an overall design scheme. Adopting a broad approach to site-specific work, Joanna responds sensitively to a site, making work that interacts with and compliments the architecture. Content may be figurative or abstract and is often symbolic, poetically keying into the memory and nature of the space it occupies and reflecting surrounding activities.

In contrast, a theme of memory and the home runs through Joanna’s personal work and the everyday or commonplace is often a starting point. Images have their context altered, through being magnified, manipulated or abstracted, and are translated through a series of layers to create new intimate landscapes.

Joanna’s work has been exhibited widely, both in the UK and abroad; it has also appeared in numerous books and magazines. She is the author of the popular reference book Dyeing and Screen-Printing on Textiles, published by A&C Black; the second edition has been fully updated and is due out in March 2012. She lectures regularly and also runs weekend and five-day courses in her studio.

A THREAD RUNS THROUGH IT |  (one of a series of 3 works) Screen-printed Belgian linen; 150cm high x 200cm wide; commissioned for Airdrie Community Health Centre, Airdrie, Scotland. Photo: Ian Marshall, Lighthouse Photographics
THE SHAPE OF THINGS | Screen-printed Irish linen; 133cm x 260cm. Photo: Electric Egg Ltd

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