Lynn Setterington

Lynn Setterington


My work is based predominantly within the quilt making genre. Themes possess a strong autobiographical content and focus on the details frequently overlooked in our daily lives. This includes aspects of consumerism and our obsession with shopping, as well as social history as documented in the utilitarian objects and artefacts.

My practice-led research, which has been on going for the last 25 years is based within the textile arena. Quilts produced predominantly over the last 20 years possess a strong autobiographical content, which refers to the changing domestic, economic and social position of women within contemporary society in the West. These concerns are juxtaposed with a constant celebration of the ordinary; of the skills and activities which cannot be replaced by technology and gadgetry. Both the image content within the quilts, and the hand stitched manufacture of the cloths, reinforce the persistence and importance of individual concerns and vanities within a contemporary context.

Underpinning this discussion is also a concern with the reverie of objects. Imagery is therefore diverse and eclectic; from the depiction of a family heirloom, the TV remote control through to beauty and gardening. All offer a commentary on contemporary society, whilst celebrating the rituals of domestic life in which old and new merge to form ever changing, yet also constant reflections of human need and desire.

Recent work has shown a move away from the traditional quilt format in terms of materials, still exploring issues of consumerism and life at the turn of the century but using plastic bags and waste products to create a dialogue with the viewer. Other developments include community based projects with a broad cross section of the public, ranging from women’s groups to adults with learning disabilities. In this age of digital technology I work largely by hand and in doing so embrace and celebrate the act of making and the benefits, both planned and incidental which arise through shared endeavour.

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