Marilyn Rathbone

Marilyn Rathbone


Subtle and labour intensive, Marilyn’s work offers an almost microscopic view of her preoccupations. She works intuitively. Sometimes, her research uncovers an underlying political, social or historical issue and, when it does, the issue may become the focus of the piece. At other times humour plays a part.

Since joining the 62 Group, in 2002, Marilyn has revisited techniques she first used in box making: inkle weaving (straps) and braid making (lid stays). She has also continued to experiment with a variety of binding and button making techniques (previously used in Pavement pieces). A new collection is evolving – one of narrow wares.

The Bauhaus Braids

Kandinsky, Bauhaus artist/lecturer, saw colours as shapes. Numbers can be shapes, too. Colours, shapes and numbers combine in the creation of a set of three fine silk braids: triangular numbers (yellow, “sharp”, edgy); square numbers (red, “earthbound”, balanced); and circular numbers (blue, “spiritual”, the colour of the heavens).

100 Metres Dash

“How many truly remarkable things have you done in your life?” If the answer is not many, or even none, then maybe it’s time to run a marathon (Andrew Hamilton, commissioning editor of Peak Performance, 2011). Inspired by Hamilton’s words, Marilyn decided to take on a marathon challenge – to braid a hundred metres dash. The piece draws parallels between the preparation and making of an artwork and training for and participating in a sporting event. A year and a day in the making, the 100 Metres Dash also raises questions about the value placed upon personal endeavour.

Instruction-Response-Action Series: Touch

Worthing, England



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