Michelle House

Michelle House


Michelle produces one-off canvases and wall hangings for exhibitions and to commission. Starting with photographs and preliminary drawings a process of evolution occurs in the studio as each piece is built up, using layers of abstracted photographic imagery, hand-cut stencils and vibrant colour.

Michelle is influenced and inspired by her physical environment, and this reveals itself in an abstract way within her work. The urban and domestic landscape, and more recently, natural forms both appear in her work and provide inspiration. The chemical process of the discharge method can produce unexpected results, which is a nice contrast to the certainty of printing with pigments and dyes alone. Michelle enjoys the physicality of printing – the mixing of colours and the appearance of the image when the screen is lifted from the print table – all these contribute to her enjoyment of print over any other medium.

Finished work often includes abrupt transitions between materials of contrasting textures, to create boundaries across which some graphic elements will flow and into which some will collide, allowing surface to play as much of a role in the finished piece as image and the print process itself.

BLIND | Printed using dyes, pigments, paper and photographic stencils
UNTITLED GREY HANGING | Painted and printed using dyes, pigments,paper and photographic stencils.

West Norwood, England

Greater London


Workshops: No
Talks: No
Commissions: Yes